Compare the Eclipse SE to others in its class, and you’ll see that saving money doesn’t always mean sacrificing the safety, luxury, speed, and efficiency that you expect from a jet aircraft. Buy an Eclipse SE and you’ll not only save several hundred thousand dollars compared to our nearest competitor, but your cost of ownership will be transparent and predictable. The included 3-year warranty and maintenance plan removes the uncertainty of hidden or surprise costs in owning and operating your jet, providing you with security and confidence in your purchase.





Factory Refurbished

Eclipse SE


Built to the strictest criteria, and backed by our world-class warranty, the Eclipse SE is practically indistinguishable from a new Eclipse 550. Check out our inventory of pre-owned jets.





Custom Features for Enhanced Performance

Standard Features on the Eclipse SE


The Eclipse SE Base Price is $2,195,000 USD with the following standard configuration:



Factory Renewed aircraft

No Damage History

Dual Avio Integrated Flight Management System

Anti-Skid Brake System

Standby Display Unit (Pilot)

PPG Glass Windshield

RVSM eligible

Electronic display of Jeppesen terminal procedures

Nav-source selection integration to PFDs

Autopilot coupled guidance

Flight plan overlay on Nav Displays

XM Weather integration on moving map

GPS WAAS and LPV approach capability

5-seat configuration

Premium Interior

Deluxe two-tone paint color option selected by Buyer from standard selections

Eclipse SE Additional Benefits

36-month / 500 hour Eclipse Factory Warranty

36-month Eclipse Advantage Maintenance Program

P&WC Gold ESP Paid Current at Time of Delivery

Sun visors, 110v outlets, tray tables, and cupholders

One (1) initial type rating training course (SimCom or Eclipse factory direct)

One (1) year Jeppesen subscription service (US only)

Standard documentation to include AFM and AMM

All factory mandatory & recommended SBs & ADs complete




Optional Features for the Eclipse SE


Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)

Traffic Advisory System (TAS)

Weather Radar System (Color)

Copilot Package (2nd Quick Don Mask, 40 ft³ O² tank)

Auto Throttles


Standby Display Unit (Copilot)

Satellite Phone

Sixth Seat Option

Automatic Direction Finder (ADF)

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Export Package (varies by country)

2nd Type Rating

Flying Made Affordable.

Everyone wants to do more with less; for that reason, we’ve designed the Eclipse Jet  with tremendous capability at a surprising cost. The Eclipse Jet is the world’s most economical twin-engine jet, costing less to acquire and less to operate than any other twin-engine jet on the planet. The direct operating cost of an Eclipse Jet is far less than our nearest jet competitor and comparable to many high-performance turboprop aircraft.


Cost of Acquisition


The Eclipse Special Edition has a low acquisition cost ($2.195 MM), allowing you to achieve jet speeds at the purchase price of a turboprop. Priced hundreds of thousands of dollars less than our closest jet competitor, the Eclipse Jet affords its owners both luxury and peace of mind.


Cost of Flying


The Eclipse’s P&WC engines consume less fuel in an hour’s flight than some jets consume taxiing for takeoff. With the lowest direct operating costs and fixed annual costs of any jet on the planet (as little as $2.02 per nautical mile) — the Eclipse Jet will save you money every time you start the engines.


Cost of Ownership


The Eclipse keeps your recurring costs low, whether it be hangar, insurance, or training. Every aspect of the airplane has been optimized for cost reduction.


3-year Eclipse Advantage Maintenance Program The Eclipse Advantage program includes all standard labor and parts costs for required, scheduled inspections including the 300 hour, 24 month inspection, as well as lesser inspections such as battery cap checks, fire extinguisher inspections, and more.


3-year Factory Warranty The Eclipse SE Limited Aircraft Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship on the Eclipse 550 for a period of 3 years or 500 hours. This warranty, running concurrently with Eclipse Advantage, delivers Eclipse SE owners true product coverage and assured reliability.


Cost to the Environment


The Eclipse Jet gives back to the environment every time it flies. By using such small quantities of fuel, the Eclipse Jet leaves a minimal carbon footprint. The Eclipse is also the only jet in the world to have moved away from Halon as a fire suppressant (Halon is a deadly toxin). We strive to be environmentally friendly, and are proud of our record.



Eclipse Aerospace selected the PPG Aerospace system to provide customers with superior weight savings for enhanced aircraft fuel efficiency, durability for extended service life, and outstanding gloss and color retention. High-solids, chromate-free Desothane HD/CA 9000 series basecoat / clearcoat consists of a heavily pigmented basecoat that provides color in one coat, instead of the typical two or three coats, saving material, weight and application time. The clearcoat provides extended service life, improved buffability and a smoother surface that is easier to clean.


The standard all-leather interior in the Eclipse 550, complete with fully reclining seats and plenty of legroom.