What is it like to live the Eclipse Jet Life? Life becomes about going where you want to go, getting there on your own terms. No more searching online for airline tickets to your destination. No more waiting in line at security checkpoints and arriving hours early for your flight. With an Eclipse Jet in your hangar, you fuel up and fly away to any one of over 5,000 US airports, including small fields not serviced by major airlines.


We built a private jet for the business person who believes in practical and efficient travel; for the man or woman that needs to be in three cities in one day and doesn’t want to sacrifice dinner with their family in order to do it. We built a jet to fit your mission, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Mike and Karen Turk, both type-rated Eclipse pilots, discuss how owning an Eclipse Jet has affected their lives. Karen, who before her Eclipse type-rating training had only 400 total flight hours, talks about the safety and simplicity of the Eclipse training program.

Eric Kobren discusses the Eclipse Jet and how he uses it for business and pleasure, taking long flights from Florida to his native Massachussetts and short flights across the panhandle to meet friends for lunch.

Legendary Rock 'n Roller Bruce Dickinson talks about his time in aviation, from flying Iron Maiden's 747 between shows to flying smaller jets and his general passion for aviation

Gordon Feingold expresses his thoughts on the Eclipse Jet and why he decided to fly one.