The standard all-leather interior in the Eclipse 550, complete with fully reclining seats and plenty of legroom.

Take a look at the all new Eclipse 550, including the incredible new features that make it the most technologically advanced light jet on the planet.

Auto Throttles

With the Eclipse 550 Jet, the pilot may couple the throttles to the auto flight system to control the aircraft's speed. The pilot will select the appropriate airspeed for the autothrottle system to maintain, and servos in the throttles will physically adjust the thrust lever angle to the appropriate power setting.

Part 135 Package

This includes the required items to operate the aircraft as part of a FAA Part 135 operation for charter. Primarily, these include such items as an additional quick donning oxygen mask for the co-pilot side, and an upgraded 40 cubic foot oxygen bottle, and a second keyboard.

TAS / Skywatch

The L-3 Avionics Skywatch HP system is integrated into the Primary Flight Displays to provide Traffic Advisories in relation to your flight plan. The information presented includes range, bearing, relative altitude, and altitude trend, as well audible Traffic Alerts of other aircraft in the vicinity in order to avoid mid-air collisions.

Color Weather Radar

The Eclipse 550 offers on board Honeywell RDR-2000 sweeping radar that can be tilted up and down to indicate the size, shape, and intensity of precipitation. This information is overlaid on the Horizontal Situation Indicator on the PFDs along with the flight plan route allowing the pilot to execute tactical weather avoidance.


The traditional Automatic Direction Finder automatically displays the relative bearing from the aircraft to a non-directional beacon. Distance Measuring Equipment on the Eclipse 550 provides Global Positioning System based distance to station.


The BF Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope detects lightning in storm cells and allows the pilot to avoid areas of high convective activity by overlaying lightning strikes on the PFD. When used in conjunction with the onboard radar, it allows the pilot to maintain a safe distance from convective activity.

Iridium Phone

You don't have to worry about being out of touch in-flight. Just use your new iridium phone to place a call from the air. The Iridium Satellite connection may also be used to send burst data including engine trend monitoring directly to Pratt & Whitney Canada.


The Bendix/King KGP560 Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS) increases the pilot's situational awareness with visual reference to terrain as well as using aural warnings and commands. TAWS provides data and warnings to the pilot regarding the aircraft's altitude relative to the proximity of natural and man-made obstacles.

Picking your paint scheme is an important decision in the purchase of your new jet. We are confident you will be able to select a design that will delight you every time you see your aircraft!


Eclipse offers three standard paint schemes, available in a wide variety of colors. Our standard schemes include the selection of solid, metallic, or mica/pearl finishes with no additional charge. Each standard scheme consists of up to four colors: two main colors (typically top and bottom or forward and aft) and two accent or stripe colors. Custom registration number styles, custom logos or decals, and other customizations (changes to the stripe layout) result in additional charges.


If you are not drawn to any of our standard paint schemes, of course, you can work with our design parters, Scheme Designers, to create a personal custom scheme where the sky's the limit in terms of design possibilities. The custom process is very flexible and can accommodate a wide variety of specific tastes and preferences. Custom designs result in an additional charge. This includes any design fees, special order materials, and additional labor charges..


Once your have selected your paint scheme (design and colors), Scheme Designers will provide you with sample images of your jet to refine your color selections. You may iterate color choices until you are completely satisfied with the design.


When your design has been finalized, you will receive an approval sheet to sign, approving your final selection.


Select the images below for additional larger pictures of each scheme.